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About the BAA: Who we are

The BAA's Office is located in Burlington House, on Piccadilly in central London. Our postal address is:

The British Astronomical Association
Burlington House

Telephone: 0207 734 4145 (staffed 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri)
Fax: 0207 439 4629

You can also contact us using our online web form.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial and administrative affairs of the Association. It comprises the following:

President: Dr Jeremy Shears
Vice-President: Mrs Hazel McGee
Treasurer: Alan Lorrain
Business Secretary: Bill Tarver
Other elected Trustees: Dr Paul Abel, Dr David Arditti, Dr David Boyd, Dr Nick Hewitt, Janice McClean.

The Council

The BAA's Council is a larger body which organises the scientific and public activities of the Association. It comprises the Association's Trustees, Section Directors, post holders, and the following elected members:
Ron Johnson, Richard Sargent, David Scanlan.

Section Directors

Solar: Lyn Smith
Lunar: Prof. Bill Leatherbarrow
Mercury and Venus: Dr Richard McKim
Mars: Dr Richard McKim
Asteroids and Remote Planets: Dr Richard Miles
Jupiter: Dr John Rogers
Saturn, Uranus and Neptune: Mike Foulkes
Comet: Nick James
Meteor: Dr John Mason
Aurora and Noctilucent Cloud: Sandra Brantingham
Variable Star: Roger Pickard
Deep Sky: Callum Potter
Computing: Steve Harvey
Instruments and Imaging: Bob Marriott
Historical: Mike Frost

Other officers

Papers Secretary: Dr Jeremy Shears
Meetings Secretary: Hazel Collett
Journal Editor: Hazel McGee
Journal Advertising Manager: Alan Dowdell
Public Relations Officer: Dr John Mason
Curator of Instruments: Bob Marriott
Archivists: John Chuter, Dr Richard McKim
Commission for Dark Skies: Bob Mizon
UK Nova/Supernova Patrol: Guy Hurst
Radio Astronomy Group: Jeff Lashley
Robotic Telescope Coordinator: Mike Harlow
Membership Coordinator: Geoffrey Johnstone
Website Manager: Dr Dominic Ford
Sales and Promotion Coordinator: Ann Davies
Exhibition Organiser: Lorraine Crook


Image credit: Naimul Islam Opu. The annular solar eclipse on January 2010, as seen from St Martin's Island, Bangladesh.