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Author Type Date Page
Notice board 2017 June 186
Sky Notes: 2017 June and July Brian Mills Section Heading 2017 June 184
Letters 2017 June 182
Meetings Alan Dowdell 2017 June 179
Patterns in the sky Callum Potter Observers' Forum 2017 June 178
Dublin's Dunsink Observatory joins the NEMETODE meteor network Michael O'Connell Observers' Forum 2017 June 177
A good time for all at the Kelling Heath Star Party Janice McClean Observers' Forum 2017 June 176
The brighter comets of 2010 Jonathan Shanklin Papers 2017 June 166
The shock breakout cooling tail of supernova 2011dh in Messier 51 Martin J F Fowler & Frank Sienkiewicz Papers 2017 June 163
The ‘Great Filter Debate’ Alan W Heath Papers 2017 June 159
Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt cycle in 2009−2011: I. The SEB fade John H Rogers Papers 2017 June 146
Bipolar magnetic regions on the Sun and their associated H-alpha features Kevin J Kilburn Papers 2017 June 142
The BAA Winchester Weekend Ann Davies and photos by Mark Gray and Alan Dowdell Notes and News 2017 June 140
From the Journal Archive John Chuter Notes and News 2017 June 139
Solar Section Lyn Smith Notes and News 2017 June 136