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Author Type Date Page
Oor Big Braw Cosmos: A cocktail of cosmic science, imagery & poetry
by John C Brown & Rab Wilson
Andy Sawers Book Reviews 2019 August 238
A planetary challenge in Pegasus Stewart Moore Observers' Forum 2019 August 237
Open Season on Corona Australis & its variable nebula Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2019 August 236
Letters 2019 August 235
FROM THE BAA ARCHIVES John Chuter Notes and News 2019 August 235
Low-state transitions in the nova-like cataclysmic variable HS 0506+7725 Jeremy Shears Papers 2019 August 232
The larger sunspot groups of Cycle 24 Peter Meadows, Lyn Smith & John Cook Papers 2019 August 222
Photometry & spectrophotometry of the Herbig Ae star RR Tauri David Boyd Papers 2019 August 216
John S. Glasby (1928–2011): a BAA enigma Martin Mobberley Papers 2019 August 203
FROM THE JOURNAL ARCHIVE John Chuter Notes and News 2019 August 202
Astronomy from a balcony David Arditti Notes and News 2019 August 201
Starlink: a new threat to observational astronomy? Bob Mizon Notes and News 2019 August 200
The Cosmic Magic Show: An interview with the Astronomer Royal for Scotland Andy Sawers Notes and News 2019 August 198
Activity 2019 April 29 – June 29 Sandra Brantingham Notes and News 2019 August 197
Spacecraft exploration of Mars: an update Richard McKim Notes and News 2019 August 196