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Saturn from 55deg N


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About this observation
David Swan
Time of observation
16/06/2017 - 23:47
Observing location
Tynemouth, UK
Scope: 200mm SCT at f/10
Camera: ASI178MC
Software: FireCapture, AS!3 and Registax
Best 33% of 10k frames over 6min
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22:47 UT, 23:47 BST


dawson's picture

Great to see the Saturn image - I look at it last night and the seeing was very stable, but I couldn't face setting up all my imaging kit. You've done well given it is so low, and even more so for you at 55 degrees north. I ran your image through Photoshop and did an autolevels and autocolour and the surface details come out much more and the Cassini Division is more clearly marked out, and the orange glow eases off. If you want me to send you this version let me know.

A really nice image.


djswan2002's picture

Thanks James. I had a cracking imaging session last night, and have uploaded a much clearer image of Saturn.

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