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COMET C/2017 O1 (ASASSN) Imaged from Southern Spain


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About this observation
Len Adam
Time of observation
27/10/2017 - 23:12
C/2017 O1 (ASASSN)
Observing location
Mojacar then Nerpio Southern Spain
0.43-m f/6.8 reflector
600 seconds single exposure
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The Moon is waxing and is sitting in Capricornus in the south west with a phase of 49%. To the north the bright lights of Mojacar Playa and Garrucha form a dome of light extending high in the sky. Ursa Major, very low in the north west, with its plough shape parallel to the horizon has the crooked shape of its handle  replicated by the shape of the foothills of the Sierra Cabrera mountain range below, behind which the buildings of Mojacar Pueblo are almost completely hidden. The summer triangle is still there as I stand looking west from the terrace of the villa. Looking through my birdspotting scope I manage to find Mizar and Alcor and that fainter 8th magnitude intermediate star Tycho 3850:257, forming a little triangle. On the opposite side of the pole to Ursa Major sits the constellation of Cassiopeia and between the two the constellation of Camelopardalis, adjacent to the Pole Star which has an altitude of about 37 degrees in this location. Within that constellation I know that Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN) is visible with a predicted magnitude of about 12, with an azimuth position of 30° 38' 36".  As I have still not set up my equipment, a little later  I linked my laptop to a telescope in Nerpio which is 189 km away by road from my location in Mojacar - slightly west of North - and took an image of the comet. The image is a 10 minute exposure. The position of the comet was RA (2000) 04h 52m 56s and Dec (2000) +65° 14' 45". The altitude of the comet was +49° 58' 31". As a comparison the star UCAC4 777:18393 has a magnitude of 11.26. The exposure started at 23:11:53 Universal Time on 27th October 2017. (01:11:53 on 28th October 2017 Local Time in Spain.)

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