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Saturn June 2018


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About this observation
Matthew Michael Anderson Williams
Time of observation
15/06/2018 - 23:47
Observing location
Gwendraeth Valley, Carmarthenshire
Celestron CPC800 HD
Canon 1100D
Baader Planetarium Hyperion 5mm
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Any tips on capturing a better image would be appreciated.  


Andy Wilson's picture

That is a nice image Matthew.

For advice on imaging Saturn then I would suggest a post to the Imaging Forum or contacting Mike Faulkes, the Director of the Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section.

I'm not a planetary imaging expert, but I know the very best images are obtained by taking videos containing many short duration exposures. This 'freezes' the turbulence of the Earth's atmosphere which otherwise distorts and blurs the image. Then software is used to extract and combine the best images. However, decent images are possible with most cameras, even single shot rather than video.

Best wishes,


Jinjabread's picture

Thank you Andy. I have taken you advice, and have gone one step further in purchasing an ADC!
Saturn has now gone beyond my field of view, but I will be posting images of other targets soon.

Kind Regards,


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