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Mars: 30th June


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
30/06/2018 - 23:35
508mm Planewave Dall-Kirkham
x110 and x228
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 A Mars drawing I made last night with Dr Hugh Sasse at the University of Leicester observatory.  Seeing was around AIV, but the planet seems to stand up well under poor conditions especially as the apparent diameter of Mars is rather large.  The main points were as follows:
  • The south polar cap seemed quite hard to see tonight- possibly due to dust?
  • The western edge of Hellas was visible and the Hellespontus region was probably the darkest feature on the disk.
  • I was surprised to be able to make out evidence of Syrtis Major- a few nights ago there was no sign of it, although I had been using a 6 inch SCT!  The whole feature was present, just parts of it but I had the impression that the dust maybe clearing a little in this area?
  • To the far north there seemed to be a bluish white haze present on the northern limb.
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