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Mars from Lowell


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
19/07/2018 - 08:04
609.6mm OG
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Pete Lawrence and myself spent a week at the Lowell Observatory- although it is the Monsoon season we did manage to get two clear nights during which time we were able to observe the Red Planet.  It was really something to be able to observe with this delightful old telescope!
Attached here are my drawings I made on 19th July with the 24 inch Clark Refractor- I'm delighted to report that I didn't see any canals!  I did however make my first direct observation of Mars' satellites Deimos and Phobos- I've never seen them with a telescope before and this seemed like a good telescope to use for the purpose!
The main feature present on the disk is Syrtis Major- normally a striking feature I found it quite hard to pull out much in the way of fine structure.  Similarly the Hellas basin was more subdued than usual.  Hellespontus was rather dark and the Lowell band joining the region was also darker.  To the far north, Boreosyrtis could be seen just above the north polar hood.
Best wishes,
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