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Mars: 14th August


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
14/08/2018 - 22:29
508mm Planewave Dall-Kirkham
x130 & x230
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Hi all,
We had a clear night here yesterday so I used the University's observatory to make observations of Mars and Saturn.  Attached here is my drawing of Mars- the seeing conditions were average but there were some stable moments whereby a lot of fine detail was seen on the disk, this includes:
  • The SPC is now much harder to see, even with this large aperture.  This is no doubt due to the shrinkage brought about by summer in the southern hemisphere.  lowell band also present.
  • Electric seemed rather bright tonight- bright clouds/dust present?  Ausonia in contrast seemed to be somewhat duller.
  • Mare Cimmerium showed some nice structure- the northern edge appeared somewhat 'serrated' 
  • Mare Tyrrhenum was quite dark in places.  Syrtis Major visible on the following limb but not particularly striking.
  • To the far north I was able to see Elysium although it was not particularly bright or distinctive- the darker regions of Phlegra and Aetheria were present and gave away the position of Elysium.
By 2250UT the planet was starting too descend into the trees, so this brought a stop to further observations.
Best wishes,
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