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Mercury in red light, 7th September 2018


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About this observation
Chris Hooker
Time of observation
07/09/2018 - 09:30
Observing location
Didcot, Oxfordshire
254mm F/6.3 Newtonian
TeleVue x3 Barlow
ZWO ASI120MM-S camera
Baader red (610nm) & IR-cut filters
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Another attempt at imaging Mercury in the red with a passband from 610 to 700 nm, following on from the images on the 29th June which showed finer detail in the red than the IR. As before the red image shows more detail and more subtle tonal variations, although the improvement this time compared to the previous day's IR result is less clear. The seeing and atmospheric conditions were similar on both days. The longitude of the CM changed by four degrees between this image and the IR image recorded the day before, but the difference is not resolved at the scale of these images.

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