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M31 (RGB)


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About this observation
Ian Rothwell
Time of observation
06/10/2018 - 21:02
Observing location
Bournemouth, Dorset
SkyWatcher Explorer 150P
ZWO ASI1600MMCool Pro
ZWO EFW 1.25" x 8
62 subs x RGB (>3hrs light), 23 x darks, 10 x flats, 20 x bias
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Whilst M31 is an easy DSO target it's not easy to get a good image of the dust lanes and the core. My previous attempts have resembled a fried egg. I was determined to capture the detail in the lanes by taking more subs. In total, including the luminence channel (which I haven't used here), I collected over 4hrs of light. Not entirely happy with the result, but it's getting there.

The night was very windy with rapidly moving cloud to begin with and PHD was having to work hard, but later it settled down to a very clear (cold) night. Thankfully, I was sat in the warm of my house for 5hrs whilst taking the automated exposures with APT. 

Thinking of doing a two-part mosaic next time to fit it all in.  I don't think my Newtonian has the back-focus for a reducer.

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