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Supernova Discovery Image by Ron Arbour


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About this observation
Ron Arbour
Time of observation
03/11/2012 - 08:45
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Ron reports the following: On Sept. 19.8 U.T. while conducting my supernova patrol I found an object in the galaxy NGC 6103 and reported it to CBAT who gave it a temporary designation of PSN J16154486+3157477. Being only 2 to 3 arc seconds from the nucleus and later reported as fainter than mag. 18.5, it was a very difficult object to get confirmation from other amateurs. However, David Grennan, Raheny Observatory, Dublin, Ireland and Joseph Brimacombe, Cairns, Australia were able to supply further observations to the Transient Object Confirmation Page of the CBAT. It took a further 5 weeks to get spectral confirmation. Interpretation of a spectrogram taken by L. Tomasella, S. Benetti, E. Cappellaro, A. Pastorello, and M. Turatto, Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, declared that it was likely to be a Type IIP some 3 to 4 weeks from explosion and subsequently designated SN 2012fj.

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