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ISS and Soyuz MS-13 20th July 2019


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About this observation
Martin Lewis
Time of observation
20/07/2019 - 23:40
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Soyuz MS-13 just about to dock with ISS as it passed over the UK last night just before midnight. I was fortunate, along with Chris Hooker and Szabolcs Nagy, to capture the event. This the best sequence of 31 frames out of 1792 that contained the ISS, combined and sharpened slightly. More details on the image



Chris Hooker's picture

That's an excellent image, Martin. It's what I was hoping for from mine, but I had a lot of technical problems before and during the pass. Your image is far better, so well done! How were you tracking the ISS?


Fossil Light's picture

Thanks Chris- you have some really nice detail too. Think the timing was just so lucky for us last night and only heard about it from Szabi at a few hours beforehand.

Scope was hand-guided using the finder cross-wires to centre on the chip.
These things are always pressured! No matter how early you set up I find there is always a panic as the moment approaches.


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