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Another impact (literally) of Space-X Starlink

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Another impact (literally) of Space-X Starlink

In another example of the impact of the SpaceX Starlink constellation, ESA has just announced that they had to perform an avoidance manoeuvre of their Aeolus satellite as a result of an unacceptably high probability of a collision with one of the Starlink spacecraft. It sounds as though this was not very well handled by SpaceX and this is when they only have 60 spacecraft on orbit. The next batch of 60 is due for launch in October with almost monthly launches thereafter. SpaceX hope to have 2,210 satellites in orbit by 2024 March.

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Another impact of Space-X Starlink

Putting a very  jaundiced  spin on the  developing  situation  it may be  said that  Star ,link is a case of  pressing ahead for  financial gain  irrespective  of the consequences to  others.