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About this observation
Chris Dole
Time of observation
14/09/2019 - 12:12
Observing location
Newbury. G.B.
180mm Maksutov Cassegrain @f20.
ASI290mm camera.
Baader 685 IR pass.
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My first successful attempt at recording surface variations on Mercury after many failures.

Small angular size and proximity to the sun made this a difficult observation and seeing was poor. Transparency was good. Little or no breeze helped as even a small movement of the telescope means that the planet disappears from the frame.


Andrew Paterson's picture

Did you manage to see or image the conjunction of Venus and Mercury on 2019.09.13? I saw it with a small reflector in France but was unable to image it although it was a pretty sight visually with the two planets very close. 

doley68's picture

I didn't get the chance to observe them on the 13th but they were still very close on the 14th when I made this observation. In fact, I used the much brighter Venus as a finder and focusing aid for Mercury as it was a very short hop away.

Chris Hooker's picture

That's an excellent result, Chris, considering how difficult the conditions were and the small angular diameter of Mercury. Well done, and I look forward to seeing more of your observations.


Fossil Light's picture

Good job Chris imaging such a difficult planet. Venus being nearby is always godsend with Mercury though!


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