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Celestron EdgeHD235mm SCT


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About this observation
Dean Ashton
Time of observation
08/11/2019 - 15:00
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Our main imaging telescope is a 9.25" (235mm) Celestron EdgeHD SCT on a CGEM mount.  The telescope has several modifications and peripherals to help setup the telescope quickly on an observing night.  Without an observatory, like many amateurs, setting up and polar aligning as quickly as possible, is the key to maximising the imaging time.  The single most effective improvement was the permanent attachment of a PrimaLuce Lab EagleS telescope control computer and power bridge.

1 Astrozap aluminium shroud.

14 Single CAT5 data cable

 Primuluce Lab heated dew strap

15 Vibration suppression pads

 Celestron 9.25 EdgeHD SCT

16 Primaluce Lab EagleS computer and power-bridge.

 Celestron 9x50 illuminated finderscope

17 Feather Touch BossII Focus Controler

 Telrad Finder

18 Celestron EdheHD 0.7x focal reducer

 ADM Dual Saddle

19 Loadstar X2 Guide Camera

 USB NextStar+ hand controller

20 SCT mirror clutches

 2x7.8kg and 1x5kg counterweights

21 Feather Touch focuser with HSM

 Celestron CGEM Mount

22 Celestron off-axis guider

10 Starzonia CGEM Landing Pad

23 Gerd Neuman Camera Tilt Unit

11 Tripod

24 Polar-scope housing

12 Primaluce Lab Power Adaptor

25 Imaging camera

13 Single external power cable


djswan2002's picture

It is not often that people share details of their set-ups. Thanks. I'm going to look into the Eagle S computer in more detail.

Dean Ashton's picture

David, I think the EagleS is a discontinued product but replaced with the latest iterations of the Eagle computers.  The real advantage is that by attaching the Eagle to the telescope you can use short USB data cables from the camera and mount etc to the computer.  It is also a power bridge so that short power cables can also be used to connect equipment.  That removes the need for multiple power and data cables to trail from the telescope.  A single power cable trails to the ground.  I use a single ethernet data cable to connect to a remote computer although the Eagle creates ts own WiFi to allow control from tablets or remote PCs.  It is worth looking at to see if it would bring benefits to your particular setup.  

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