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The Tarantula Nebula by Ian Sharp


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About this observation
Ian Sharp
Time of observation
23/02/2014 - 13:01
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Ian has been using the 12.5 inch Planewave scope at SSO in Australia again and has produced this super image of NGC 2302. Hecombined the clear filter component with the Ha to produce a luminance and then blended the colours. Exposures were as follows: Red = 18 x 600 secGreen = 12 x 600 secBlue = 20 x 600 secClear = 14 x 900 secHA = 24 x 900 sec + 6 x 1200 sec So a total of 20 hours in this image Scope was the RCOS 12.5" F/9, CCD Camera Apogee U16M
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