[BAA Comets] Comet 67P imaged from Essex Saturday morning

Peter Carson petercarson100 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 20:48:13 BST 2015

Hi All,
I managed to capture an image of 67P from Essex early Saturday morning (18th July) see http://www.astromania.co.uk/67P_20150718_0213_PCarson.jpg  The comet was just 9 degrees above the horizon in a quickly brightening dawn and partly behind a small tree, all of which spoiled the image quality. There are very few directions that I can see below 15 degrees altitude from my observatory. East has a few less obstructed slots. At 65 degrees azimuth there is a small tree and this had to be hurriedly wedged sideways with a broom from the garden shed at 03.15BST. Doesn’t everything you do seem loud at at 3 am in the morning!
Hopefully over the coming weeks I should be able to do better at the comet rises slowly above my horizon obstructions.
Peter Carson

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