[BAA Comets] C/2018 W2 and IC 342 conjunction

Peter Carson petercarson100 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 21:18:50 BST 2019

Hi David,
I was out comet observing last night and wanted to image C/2018W2 close to 
IC342, which is a nice large face on spiral. Unfortunately it's a little low 
in the north for me as it's behind an annoying tree in our garden I'm not 
allowed to prune!
The same tree blocks my access to C/2018 R3 Lemmon which is just on the edge 
of the Double Cluster in Perseus tonight and although the comet is faint 
would make a nice picture if I could get to it.

See you on Saturday


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From: David Swan
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Subject: [BAA Comets] C/2018 W2 and IC 342 conjunction

Hello all,

Just to flag that C/2018 W2 is still in the vicinity of IC 342. I caught it 
close to the galaxy last night.

Center Coordinates: RA = 03h 49m 12.68s, De = +67° 50' 16.6"
Focal Length = 391.6mm, Rotation = 23.37°
Pixel Size: 1.26" x 1.26", Field of View: 60.4' x 39.1'
C8 Hyperstar + ASI178MM
50 x 20s
2019/05/12 22:33UT

Mag 15.6 in a 0.71' aperture

Hope to see many of you on Sat.

David Swan

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