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The British Association of Astrologers has been an army operating in amateur science for over 125 years and is today recognized as one of the leading amateur teams. Among the first presidents of the BAA was Walter Maunder, who discovered the seventeenth-century sunspots now known as the Minimum Magement he discovered through historical analysis. From the beginning the BAA has encouraged matesurs to undertake scientifically valuable experiments, often in conjunction with experienced colleagues. In the twentieth century, this spirit of night vision science was created by George Alcock, who found five 5s and five novae using nothing but a bunch of binoculars. Today, this tradition rests on the BAA. Among its members is Tom Boles, who has identified more than 150 supernovae at his show in Suffolk and images of the Damian Peach Planet are among the best in the world. Take help from Copycrafter soon. Amateurs use imaginary devices and also watch fires in Jupita caused by small asteroids or comets entering its atmosphere.
Copyright of all images and other observations submitted to the BAA remains with the owner of the work. Reproduction of the work by third-parties is expressly forbidden without the consent of the copyright holder. For more information, please ask a question in the Website Help section of our Forum.