[BAA Comets] Comet 67P imaged from Essex Saturday morning

Nick James ndj at nickdjames.com
Mon Jul 20 07:26:29 BST 2015


That's a great achievement. Hopefully the start of a long series. I too 
have had to deal with tree "issues" in the small hours but such is our 
dedication to comet observing!

Dave Eagle from Northampton looks like he got an image of 67P at around 
the same time as you so it is definitely accessible from the UK now as 
long as you have a good horizon in the right spot.

We'll archive all the images in the BAA image archive so keep them coming!



> I managed to capture an image of 67P from Essex early Saturday morning (18th July) see http://www.astromania.co.uk/67P_20150718_0213_PCarson.jpg  The comet was just 9 degrees above the horizon in a quickly brightening dawn and partly behind a small tree, all of which spoiled the image quality. There are very few directions that I can see below 15 degrees altitude from my observatory. East has a few less obstructed slots. At 65 degrees azimuth there is a small tree and this had to be hurriedly wedged sideways with a broom from the garden shed at 03.15BST. Doesn’t everything you do seem loud at at 3 am in the morning!
> Hopefully over the coming weeks I should be able to do better at the comet rises slowly above my horizon obstructions.
> Regards

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